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Christmas 2018, Angles, Gnomes & Moose!

We've posted wwo new new flyers, pages 243 and 244 for Chrismas 2018!. We've also included 3 new galleries at the top featuring the new items. Be sure to let us know what you think on on our facebook page :)

Technique Sheets Released

We've posted the technique sheets for the two most recent releases, Page 241 and Page 242.

Sports & Halloween 2018!

We've posted wwo new new flyers one containg sports items and the other Halloween! Pages 241 and 242. We've also included 2 new galleries at the top featuring the new items.

Gnomes & Scarecrows Preview

We've posted some new releases pages including some preview releases of scarecrows for this fall, check them out!

Gnomes! Gnomes! Gnomes! and Mushrooms!

We've got a couple of new releases for you including a lot of gnomes and mushrooms and gnome mushroom houses, pages 239 and 240. Galleries will be coming soon for these releases as well.

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