Please support your local ceramic supplier and purchase Clay Magic molds from your local Clay Magic distributor. For fewer errors and ease in ordering, you can use this section to create your list. Instead of clicking the submit button, copy the selection and paste in a word document, this will assure you have the correct mold number, description and price. For your convenience, print out and/or email your order word document to your local Clay Magic distributor.

To place an order with Clay Magic direct, please fill out the form below and supply us with the list of molds you would like.

To add or subtract molds to your list use the + or – feature to the left of the mold numbers on the price lists located in the catalogs, new releases or search page sections of this website. These price lists are located below the photos in these sections, simply scroll down below the photos to view.

To view your selections in your list, click on ORDER in the black menu box. You can continue to add or subtract selections.

When your list is complete, click Submit Order. Clay Magic will contact you within 3 business days with your order total including any applicable discounts and shipping costs. At that time we will collect your payment information if you choose to proceed with the order. We accept MC and Visa.



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Add to Order Qty Mold # Description Dimensions Weight (lbs) Price
0 CATALOG Clay Magic Catalog - 0 $0.00
0 SLIP 2 gallon box of slip (pick up only) - 0 $0.00
Total 0 $0.00

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